Saturday, 1 January 2011

Industrial Action

For a while now I have wanted to get down to the dockside area of Osaka to take some photographs of the industrial landscape so the other day I hopped on my bicycle and headed east towards the port area.

The journey took around 45 minutes which lead me behind the Universal Studios theme park and through an increasingly industrial landscape with many factories. I took a number of photos around the base of the complex road system in the dock area and under the bridge which crosses to one of the islands.
A lonely view
I hope that structure's strong enough.
Pathways in the sky.
When I reached the bridge I found a spiraling pathway which leads up to road level. Halfway up I stopped to take photos of the view below when out of nowhere someone shouted something out which sounded to me like 'gaijin!!' (foreigner). As the area was very quiet and the voice sounded quite aggresive it was quite a shock and I started to panic thinking that maybe I had photographed someone doing something dodgy and they were coming after me (somewhat paranoid I know!). It did nothing for my nerves when I looked down the pathway and saw a group of 'youths' heading up in my direction. For a minute I thought 'Do I head down and face them or carry on further and over the bridge?'. I eventually decided to head down towards them, thinking that if I went fast enough on my bike I could zip past them.

My paranoia was proven unfounded however when I rounded the corner to face them as they looked more afraid of me than the other way round. Just a silly misunderstanding after all! By that point I had decided that I had had enough of the docks for one day and headed off home, I will be back though to finally cross that bridge!

That's a long way up!
unbelievably, that is a waste disposal centre!

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