Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crow Suru Tai Figure

This is a toy that I had as a child which I bought from a model shop in Basingstoke. For many years now I have been trying to find it again but today I finally came across it in Mandarake.

I found it on top of a stack of other old model kits, as if it was waiting for me there, and I held it in my hands for some time as waves of nostalgia washed over me. I only had my memories to help me find this, not even knowing its name I couldn't find it on the internet or E-bay, the only record I had was an old xmas photo of me opening presents with the model sitting in the background.

The only question now is do I build the thing or leave it in the unwrapped condition it is currently in? I feel as if it is my duty to breath life into its plastic parts!


  1. Wow I wondered where i had seen before. That sought of thing was so rare to find back in the 80s. Loved it back when you would go hunting in London for rare items!

  2. Reminded me of when we used to go to car boot sales and found old electronic games, before the e-bay boom. It's too easy now!

  3. hello Paul,how are you?
    i could imagine you were very happy to find it.
    i hope you show that madel for us after accomplishment.

  4. I'm fine thanks. Hope you are well too!

    I was very pleased to find it! Haven't decided whether to build it or not yet, if I do I will let you know!

  5. I always wondered what this was when I saw it in your bedroom as a child. I sort of remember it being different colours though. I say make it and complete your quest.

  6. The one I had was a different character, with a red hat. Still can't bring myself to make it though!