Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Takarazuka Bicycle Trip

Today I cycled up to Takarazuka, famous for its all female theater group. I initially cycled to the west, through Amagasaki, and then followed the Muko river up to Takarazuka. Cycling along the river was very enjoyable, made easier by a wide cycle path (although I only discovered this on the way back) and only took about half an hour at a leisurely pace.

I didn't spend too much time in Takarazuka but want to visit again to explore some more. The area is surrounded by forest covered mountains which look ripe for exploration. While there I was reminded of my childhood, exploring the woods where I grew up, and thought that it would have been a dream for me to have grown up in this area. I walked along a road that leads through the mountains for a while, away from the main town, and it seemed so peaceful (despite being quite a busy road) and the air appeared fresher compared with Osaka.

I had visited Takarazuka once before, about eight years ago, mainly to check out the Osamu Tezuka museum, but had traveled by train and missed out on the greener areas. Having visited this time I feel it is an area that I want to return to again and explore some more.

A skull museum, noted to visit next time!

Muko river.

Muko river

Muko river

Muko river.

An animal welfare center.

Takarazuka manhole cover.

Approaching Takarazuka.

Osamu Tezuka Museum

An odd sculpture.

Muko river

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