Sunday, 18 November 2012

Konohana Local Tour

Yesterday we went on a tour of our local area. The tour was run by Henguchi-san who also runs a local art space called Kuromegarou and took in places of interest and art installations set up in buildings in the area. The tour started at Otonari, a cafe and meeting spot next to the river near Nishikujo station.

After the tour there was also a party where we met many interesting people in the area.

The tour begins!

Inside Kuromegarou

An angry looking Tanuki!

A note pinned to the wall of an installation in another local building.

An outdoor installation, I declined the offer to have a bath!

In another of the buildings in the area was this sound installation.

Around the corner, more installations. This one plays with light effects.

A local cafe

Not really part of the tour but I like it.
A final speech!
A 'tache onigiri!
At the after party.

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