Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Denki Groove

Around 12 years ago I first heard music by Denki Groove. Although I couldn't understand their lyrics I could still sense their lighthearted attitude. Since that time I have longed to see them play live, a longing that was finally satisfied last week when they played at Zepp Osaka.

For anyone that is not familiar with their music, they are kind of like a high energy, humorous Kraftwerk or YMO. This sense of humor carries over into their videos, artwork and live shows.

Although they are now a little less spritely (they are both 45) they still put on a great show, with high energy dance music interspersed with comedic routines and some impressive visuals.

Looking forward to seeing them play again (as they joked, probably when they reach a combined age of 100!)

Their giant detachable heads in the foyer!

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