Thursday, 11 November 2010

I Heart Famicom

By popular demand, here is a picture of the Famicom games I acquired at the Banpaku-Koen garage sale:

From top left, the games are: Burgertime, Ninja Jajamaru-kun, Challenger, a game I am yet to translate, Excitebike, Dragonquest 2.

So as not to bore any non-game geeks, I have decided to post all Famicom and game related information from now on on another blog which you can find here:

Its very much a work in progress but should be fun!


  1. Cheers Paul, the Dragonquest 2 cartridge is sweet. Is the one you have yet to translate some sort of fighter? I'll take this stuff to the other blog now!

  2. Its a kind of cross-town run challenge, running through living rooms and rooftops. a bit weird!

  3. I remember Excite Bike... one of the first U.K NES games I think.

  4. I remember it well too, never owned it though. They recently made a remake for wii. Do you remember Kick-start for the commodore 64? reminds me of that.