Monday, 22 November 2010

Kamakura Part 2

After a rather dramatic start, (see Kamakura Coin Locker Drama) the rest of our weekend in Kamakura was very enjoyable. On the Saturday we visited a nearby seaside town which has a beach area that looks like it consists of volcanic rock (great if you enjoy exploring rock pools). There is also a lighthouse up on the cliff top surrounded by what looks like mock roman architecture for some strange reason. For lunch we stopped at a rather run down restaurant near the beach, we were a little reluctant to enter at first as one entrance was guarded by angry looking hornets but our hunger overcame fear and we ventured in. After deliberating over the menu for some time we eventually ordered the grilled squid and sashimi which wasn't too bad in the end. We finished the day by visiting a few nearby shops, including a rather nice antique shop, and watched the sun go down on the beach where many people had gathered to have barbecues.

 Is this Japan?
 One of many rock pools.

 Hoping for stray fish.

 He was probably happily swimming along a moment ago.

 Watching the sun set.

The following day we set off on foot to explore Kamakura further. Our root took us through Shakado pass which is a tunnel that leads through a rock face, I had been through the pass on my previous visit to Kamakura but this time we were shocked to find that the entrance had been partly blocked off by a rock fall! We hesitated for a while, wondering whether we should venture further, but having seen an elderly couple ahead of us bravely bound across the fallen rocks, we decided that we would give it a try. After a bit of a struggle we made it through to the other side safely and breathed a sigh of relief only for me to slip up and land on my rear on the muddy rocks, at least the others found it a source of amusement!

 Shakado pass two years ago.

 Shakado pass in November 2010.

We later met up with other friends that we hadn't seen for some time and enjoyed okonomiyaki and drinks together before browsing more shops and temples. The end of the weekend came around all too quickly and before we knew it was time to say our goodbyes. Our journey back was by night bus which left Kamakura around 9.30 PM and didn't arrive in Osaka until 6.oo AM! Its an okay journey if you find it easy to sleep at the drop of a hat but for light sleepers like myself it can be a bit grueling as they turn off all the lights and pull all the curtains to so you don't even have any scenery to look at! But we made it in the end and look forward to our next visit to Kamakura (as long as I am more observant when locking my belongings away).

 Those temple steps haven't been used for some time!

Some much needed peace and quiet.


  1. fish looks well fresh i bet it was not from Tesco!

  2. I couldn't eat the fish with it looking at me.