Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Snow, shopping arcades and Kyoto.

As you may have noticed, its been a while since I last posted anything here, largely due to work commitments, so I thought I would post a quick rundown of anything noteworthy from the last two months.

To start off, here are some photos of the recent snowfall in Osaka city, the first proper snow I have seen in the city.

Next up is a visit to a cafe called Mole which is built inside the vaults of an old bank. The Cafe serves very good, if a little expensive coffee.

On a considerably less cold day, we recently visited Tenjinbashi-suji, supposedly the longest shopping arcade in Japan! We also made a brief stop to check out the nearby temple.

I made my second visit to Kyoto a few weeks back, in order to see an exhibition by the Japanese Illustrator Junzo Terada. The exhibition was held inside a large department store next to Kyoto station and was very impressive, with work ranging from posters to models and animation.

We also spent time browsing a number of craft shops in town.

The Exhibition flyer.

A Tanooki lined stairway

From the top of the stairway
Well that's about it for the update, hopefully I will find the time to write on a more regular basis, watch this space!

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  1. I was waitting for your news. I felt relieved to read it. Osaka Temma Shrine is the place K&A 's wedding was held 3.5 years ago. So I have good memories of there.
    I've just come back from Mt.Fuji area. I still could see a snow scene at a part of there.
    K&A will come back soon from London.Please come to see them !!