Thursday, 14 April 2011

Banpaku Park Cherry Blossom

Last Sunday we headed over to Banpaku park to see the cherry trees in bloom. It was a beautiful warm day and it seemed as if half the population of Osaka had turned up as well! The Monorail to the park was jam packed and we had trouble getting on, luckily it was only one stop! This was my second visit to Banpaku (see here) and a chance to see some areas we had missed before. After having a small picnic we took a stroll through one of the pathways through the cherry trees, this was my first time in Japan during springtime and I was amazed by how beautiful the trees were, it was quite breathtaking!

We also visited the Japanese gardens (you would think all gardens in Japan are Japanese!) just outside the park which have some wonderful flowers and plants. This area was much more peaceful than the main park and a welcome retreat from all the noise. Well worth visiting to see the huge Koi fish.

I was very impressed by my first cherry blossom viewing but next year I think we will visit somewhere a little more peaceful!

Now, where shall we spread our picnic blanket?

Cherry blossom as far as the eye can see

Market stalls

More blossom

A colorful scene

The Tower of the Sun

A flower in the Japanese garden

Nice rocks

More blossom

By the river


  1. The flower is a Camellia japonica `ave maria`
    Great pics would love to see so much blossom . Looks very dreamy. As you do not have a blossom allergy .

  2. Is there nowhere in the UK that has a cherry blossom garden?

  3. not on that scale.3 or 4 trees in a cluster. Is only the one colour ?