Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Roads to Nowhere

Just 5 minutes from our flat they are currently building some new 'roads in the sky'. Well, that's what I call them anyway, not sure what the proper name is! There seem to be so many of these highways in Osaka, especially in the port area, crisscrossing over and under each other as if its a competition to  reach the sun. In one area one of these actually passes through an office building! Must be a nightmare to work there.

Over the last year and a half I have seen the new roads being built, first isolated towers then skeletal segments of road perched high in the sky. One segment, obviously an access road, forms a ramp off into the ether, I always image a sweaty Bruce Willis driving a vehicle at high speeds up this to make an impossible jump to the other side!

At night, on my way back from the station, I'm always in awe of these structures towering above, looking like giant mechanical beasts unaware of the tiny people below. They probably won't seem quite as impressive when they are complete but for the time being these giants make my journey home all the more interesting!

This new segment towers over the highway seen in the distance. It will eventually bend round to the left and join another part crossing the river behind.

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