Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ikeda Bicycle Trip

Yesterday I cycled up to Ikeda, to the north of Osaka. It was another extremely hot day and I had to take care to stay out of the sun as much as possible but thankfully there was some cloud cover to provide some rest from the burning sun!

The journey took me up near Toyonaka along a pleasant river side path before passing Itami airport, a not so pleasant area full of dubious looking love hotels. After getting a little lost around a complex system of roads I arrived in Ikeda and took in the views of Satsuki mountain and Ina River before returning again.
A random picture of a sleeping cat and kitten along the riverside.

A strange statue along the river.
Another strange structure along the river.
The river (minus strange structures)
A strange structure not along a river.
Ina River and Satsuki mountain (on the right)
Ina River again.

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