Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Autumn's Debut

Today autumn finally made a dramatic entrance as blustery winds threatened to blow me off the balcony, bringing with them menacing grey clouds. The temperature has dropped suddenly from a lovely 23 degrees to a chilly 13, prompting me to dig out my cardie from the depths of the cupboard. I can't grumble however, I hear that it has been an unusually long hot summer for Japan that has lasted longer than most.

Menacing clouds roll in

Seeing as the autumn has arrived, I thought it was a good excuse to get into some serious comfort snacking. Firstly, one of my favourite savoury snacks at the moment is Cheese-Almond, individually wrapped rice crackers with cream cheese and an almond top, its a perfect combination of flavours! I also really like the retro looking packaging.

Almond-Cheese, yum

The other treat that caught my eye is a wintery 'caramel latte' edition of choco-pie (I think the name actually translates as something like 'pie's fruits'?!). I have expressed my penchant for this particular snack before so felt it my duty to investigate this latest incarnation, all in the name of research! (yet again)

And thus ends my snack report.

Choco-pie wintery edition!


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmm pie, I am all ready deep into comfort food zone, really into red wine and dark choc, nothing new

  2. You should try some 97% cacao, guaranteed to make you wince! I've been into drinking sake recently, less fattening than beer but easy to drink too much!