Saturday, 2 October 2010

Day 1

My first day in Osaka was mainly spent checking out the local area and getting to grips with new appliances.

I have been told that most rented flats in Japan are unfurnished so this meant buying everything new, everything from the fridge to the air-conditioning unit. Luckily my ever so helpful wife had sorted this end of things out before I had arrived and everything was installed and ready to use. I was amazed at how advanced everything was, the washing machine plays music and you don't even have to tell the microwave how long too cook, it just knows somehow!

The flat is fairly spacious and very clean with a great view of the city one side and the main river on the other. Our local area has four huge supermarkets, Justco, Kounan, Mandai and Marounuchi. Shopping is full of temptation with many snacks and sweets screaming out 'buy me!', and who am I to deny them this wish? One of my favourite cafes is Mr Donuts where you can buy many sugar coated treats and drink a never ending cup of coffee, luckily there is a store nearby which I can see getting much use!

In the evening we headed by train to a restaurant which a friend had recommended in order to celebrate our new life! The place was a kushi katsu restaurant, basically deep fried food on sticks, and had many different varieties, fish, vegetables, hamburger, chestnut and cheese and one of my favourites, octopus and gobo (a long root vegetable).

Overall, a very pleasant first day! The weather was very hot and sunny and checking out the sights of or new home was very relaxing, the day left me positive for the future.

 View from our balcony by day

 View from our balcony by night


  1. Glad it's going well.. careful how much you eat. We all know what happened to Chihiro's parents in Spirited Away! :)

  2. I will try to take care, there is so much temptation though! Yesterday we ate at a restaurant that serves healthy meals, designed to heal the body, so felt a little less bloated! Just watching Saturday morning anime at the moment.