Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Day 5

A slow day today without much to report, spent most of the day inside on some illustration work. Had a bad nights sleep last night so kept falling asleep on the floor, I guess the jet lag is still taking its toll!

I have been eating far too many sweets and snacks recently, today I ate a whole box of Lotte Choco Pie (puff pastry sweets with a chocolate filling) my excuse is I love the packaging so put it down to research!

Chocolate Pie!


  1. Dear Paul,

    I am really jealous of your bike and Mr Donut activities. Looking forward to seeing some Osaka-themed illustrations on here!



  2. I was hoping the bike would cancel out the results of too much Mr Donuts activity but the bike is losing the battle! On the plus side I am on my way to being able to do a very good impression of Homer Simpson!