Sunday, 24 October 2010

More penguins in love!

The Japanese seem to have a thing for amorous penguins as I purchased another Famicom game this weekend featuring the love story of two penguins called 'Dream Penguin Story'. Although one is pink with a bow, these are not the same romantic penguins featured in Binary Land but Penko and Penta, two birds with a troubled relationship. Penko, it seems, is not too happy with Penta's recent weight gain and has decided to run off with another dubious looking penguin called Ginji and won't give Penta the time of day unless he loses his unsightly love handles.

The game is a platform affair involving Penta running through the scrolling landscape collecting miracle weight loss drinks in order to lose weight and eventually rescue the fickle Penko. Some enemies fire fruit and onigiri at Penta who must avoid them to avoid re-gaining weight, this is essential as he must lose a certain amount of weight by the end of the level otherwise Penko will lose interest completely and its game over.

The graphics are nice and there is some variation in the gameplay with some levels involving flying a plane but it is also very easy, it took me only a couple of hours to complete the whole thing! The first time I completed it, however, I succeeded in rescuing the damsel in not-so-much distress but failed to lose enough weight so she decided to run off with Ginji anyway! I just don't know why Penta even bothers!

 Dream Penguin Story

 Title screen

 Penko breaks the bad news to Penta

 A slightly trimmer Penta

Airborne Penta


  1. I should take some notes from this game and cut down on the REAL ALES . Been playing metroid on wii by the way (sweet)

  2. Is that 'Other-M'? I really enjoyed that one too, plays very smoothly, quite different from the Prime series.

  3. I think the underlying message of this game is instead of going to all the effort to lose weight for your girlfriend (she'll leave anyway) you should find another penguin.

  4. Actually, if you complete the game AND lose enough weight, she is the one that eventually grows fat!

    There's just no justice.