Friday, 8 October 2010

Day 6

Another hot sweaty day yesterday and another hot sweaty bike ride! This time our goal was an area called Horie, an area in the south of main Osaka, in order to shop for furniture. After carefully planning our route we set off, heading south across a number of rivers, the sun sparkling on the water. At the third river we stopped, there was no bridge! I looked at the map and our only choice was to head West for some time to the where the next bridge was. Half way there we stopped thinking, 'This can't be right, there must be another way across!'. At this point my wife  asked a nearby business man if we could cross anywhere, he informed us that there was no way over but you could go under the river! He seemed very friendly and seemed fascinated by my name, calling me over and stopping his friend to tell him who I was! We had to return the way we came and found a large elevator that went underground, then a tunnel that went under the river. From that point we continued our journey through an industrial area and down past Osaka Dome.

Osaka dome obscured by three large gas balls!

In Horie we passed a branch of a chain of supermarkets called Tamade (ball come out?!). This place looks more like a casino than a supermarket, with the inside decked out with neon fruit and vegetables, offering food at discount prices!


After browsing a number of furniture shops (all which where far to pricey for our small budget) we headed further East towards Namba, a very busy district in the South of Osaka. Cycling around this area proved to be an absolute nightmare! The streets are extremely busy with people, cars and bicycles zipping back and forth in every direction, you really have to have your wits about you to avoid a collision.

We finished off the day at our favourite okonomiyaki (a kind of thick savory pancake) restaurant, its a family business and the atmosphere is always lively and friendly and they serve many varieties of the dish. Their website is

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