Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day 2

Another slow paced day today, still getting to grips with the time difference and feeling a little fragile. In the afternoon we met with friends, who live in an apartment block just around the corner, at a nearby cafe. The cafe is very nice and serves a wide range of coffees, you can check it out here:

After the cafe we ventured further into town towards the centre of Osaka, Umeda. The weather had taken a turn for the worse at this point and had started to rain heavily, I tried to explain to our friends the meaning of the phrase 'raining cats and dogs' which was difficult considering I don't really know what it means myself! We sheltered briefly in the Breeze Tower department store, full of trendy young couples out for shopping and a meal, before we headed back home, passing many restaurants with enticing smells.


  1. Sounds awesome. Count me jealous. A big life change must be as good as a thousand rests.

  2. Well, its not always as much fun as it sounds, there has been times when I have felt extremely exhausted and there are always chores to be done where ever you are, but on the whole its been fun. I'm a bit anxious about the whole job hunting thing but when I sort that out I shall be very happy!