Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Forest Eating

Yesterday we took a trip to my wife's home town, Kawachinagano which is in the southern regions of Osaka. My wife's mother had kindly offered to take us out for a meal at a fantastic restaurant called 'Santouka' which is situated in the mountainous forests around the area. The food was really good, with many small dishes including sesame tofu, tempura, grilled fish (which was particularly good) and many others. Not only was the food good, the views are great as well, looking out through the surrounding forest, very relaxing and a much needed break from the city.

Inside the restaurant.

The view outside.


The surrounding forest walk.

Local wildlife.


  1. Thats a lovely spider , will it bite me? spin me up in to a web and digest me?
    Food looks very nice, fish looks in bad mood.

  2. 'Tis a lovely spider, yes. Its only a common Japanese spider, Won't harm you (I think), probably wouldn't have enough webbing to stretch over your beer belly!

  3. That's a sad looking fish you got on your plate there.