Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 4

Another warm and sunny day! Just about managed to wake up early enough to speak to my parents via Skype for the first time since being here which was nice, although I did get a bit confused by the time difference thinking we were 9 hours ahead rather than 8! Still, they were nice enough to stay awake for an extra hour to speak.

I had been eagerly awaiting another day of cycling around town since yesterday and today our target was Muji in the Loft department store in Umeda (central Osaka) to buy household goods. The journey took us around 25 minutes and was enjoyable, if a little hectic along the busier streets, with just a few near misses along the way!

As for my adventures in food, I finally plucked up the courage to try Natto! My wife often ate Natto (fermented beans) in London and on many occasions caused me to vacate the room due to its pungent smell, but not wanting to be beaten, I vowed to eat it some day. That day was today as I bought a Natto and rice roll at the local supermarket then took a deep breath before taking a bite. My first response was one of disgust as the flavour hit my taste buds and I struggled not to spit it out, but just before I threw the rest away I had a strange urge to try some more and amazingly proceeded to finish it off! Despite not being totally won over by natto, it was a start and I think its a taste I may eventually get used to but I think I will save that for another day!

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