Thursday, 28 October 2010

Non-trainspotters look away now...

Watching a DVD of someone playing old video games probably sounds to some like as much fun as having teeth extracted, the same way I used to feel when my dad would pull out his recordings of steam trains pulling into stations (the B-side of the record contained the same train, different station). However, this is exactly what I did last night when I rented 'Game-Center CX' from our local rental store (100 yen for a week! (about 80p)). The show is presented by Arino, a Japanese comedian, who is set a challenge each week based on a particular old video game, such as completing the game in a certain time limit. There are also sections in the show where Arino goes to investigate far flung locations that contain a treasure trove of old arcade games. I must say, watching this was a guilty pleasure but one I really enjoyed nonetheless, I guess I inherited some of those trainspotter genes!

Game-Center CX 1.0 (menu)

Arino about to play through Makaimura (Ghosts 'n' Goblins)
on Famicom (I feel for him!)

The other DVD we rented was a compilation of appearances of the Japanese comedian Ega-chan, who performs in a 'high-tension' form of comedy. Being close to Ega-chan is kind of like being near a more risque version of Rod Hull and Emu (an old English "comedian" (I use the term lightly) with an emu puppet for those who may not know) where the emu is a half naked, balding Japanese man. Ega-chan has a near obsessive tendency to expose himself at any opportunity and harass young girls, all in the name of entertainment of course, and is probably an acquired taste (for those without much taste, myself being one) but I found myself compelled to watch, despite not understanding that much of what was being said. High-tension indeed!


P.S. I believe clips of both these programs are available on You Tube if anyone is interested.


  1. I'll take the DVD of other people playing old games thanks, you can keep your Ega-chan :)

  2. There is only so much I can take of Ega-chan, its amusing for a while though! I feel sorry for Arino on Game Center CX sometimes, playing through some of those old Famicom games from start to finish looks like really hard work!