Sunday, 17 October 2010


Yesterday we decided to take a trip to a picturesque area in north Osaka called Minoh.

From the main station there are many routes winding up through the forest covered mountains that surround the area. The route we took initially took us up past many small souvenir shops selling the local specialty, deep fried maple leaves, which must be quite a profitable gift to sell considering the trees are everywhere in abundance! At the start of the trek up the mountain there is also a huge hotel built into the side with a long elevator rising up to the different floors.

After stopping at a nice looking restaurant to fill up before the long walk ahead we carried on alongside the river, past a few interesting looking temples to an 'Insectarium', which displays many kinds of insect (as you would expect). We didn't stop here to look around as we had a long way to go before reaching the end of the trail. Along the way there were many signs warning people not to feed the monkeys, something I would happily have refrained from doing, had there actually been any monkeys there! Its one of my goals to see a wild monkey in Japan but up until now I have not succeeded, I live in hope!

Eventually we reached the end of the route to see a cascading waterfall, not a huge one but quite pretty nonetheless, it was a nice end to a walk through some beautiful scenery and I think we will return when the leaves start to turn as I hear the forest looks amazing at that time of year.

The trek begins, with an ominous hotel looming!

A good place to stop for lunch

 Even the drain covers are beautiful here.

 Insects, with a mantis trying to muscle in (top)

Very picturesque!

A tunnel to another world perhaps?

Beware of falling rocks and giant monkeys

 I'll pass on the drinks thanks

At last, the waterfall!


  1. wow looks stunning , wish I could transport and join u for a walk , looks magical. Glad you did not get attacked by any giant moonkeys .

  2. It was quite stunning! The pictures don't really do it justice, my camera is really crap so a lot of photos didn't come out well, A. should have better photos on her blog:

  3. Looks wonderful, I had no idea you were so close to countryside like this.

  4. Its nice to be able to take a short train journey and go somewhere like Minoh. Osaka like much of Japan is surrounded by mountainous regions so your never far from some greenery.